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Ok, I'm sure your wondering who is Brian Canham? Brian is the singer / guitarist from the 80's band Pseudo Echo.

For those who still have no idea, they had a hit with the remake of 'Funky Town' I guess around 1988 or so.

As strange as it may sound, if it wern't for him, none of the other players listed above would have been an influence because it's possible that I never would have started playing the guitar. In '88 I was a junior in high school and at the time I didn't have cable TV so I couldn't get MTV (this was back when they really did play videos). But I did get some video show called Hit Video USA or something like that. Well, one afternoon as I was watching this, Pseudo Echo's video for 'Funkytown' came on and for that magical few minutes, I was somehow mesmorized by the guy playing the guitar. I had always loved music, and was a major fan of Motley Crue and other 80'd bands of the like but had never really thought about actually playing an instrument or even known anyone who did. The video kept showing close ups of the guitar and the solo just blew me away. For that instant I thought, "Wow, that would be cool if I could do that". And so it was, a few weeks later, I got my first job stocking beer at a convience store and saved up enough money to buy my first guitar. Of course I had to have one like Brian was playing in the video, which happened to be a cream colored Fender strat. I was so musically stupid at the time, I had no idea there were music stores where you could go and buy a guitar. I pulled out the old trustworthy Sears catalog and behold, there was one exactly like his for only $100!! With one small difference...It was a Harmony, not a Fender...I didn't know so it didn't matter...yet...until I found out that it wouldn't stay in tune and was impossible to change the strings on it. Oh well..

I saved up enough to buy a small amp and started lessons soon after and the rest is history. So I owe a lot of thanks to Brian who is still a great guitarist...A bit of a Van Halen influence to his playing and I still enjoy their music. Some rocking stuff for an 80's pop band.

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